Discover the “Murder in Jackson Hole” series!

Looking for a new series to get lost in? Discover J Royal Horton’s intriguing Murder in Jackson Hole series!

This great series gives readers a glimpse into homesteaders of the 1920s.

Murder in Jackson Hole (The Jackson Hole Mysteries Book 1), by J Royal Horton

“I really enjoyed this book and just ordered all of Horton’s others. Granted, the setting was enough to satisfy me — Jackson, Wyoming after all. The story is complicated and interesting, with several good threads going on, and the protagonist is a well developed law enforcement type struggling with alcoholism, a broken marriage, local politics, and some very bad guys. I consider J. Royal Horton a real find.” — Amazon Reviewer

Detective Tom Thompson of the Teton County Sheriff’s Office in the beautiful little resort town of Jackson, Wyoming is in a delicate condition. He’s a Viet vet and recovering alcoholic with a bitter ex-wife, a confused teen-aged son, and a new house being built. Tommy’s fellow officers are now calling him “Tummy” because he’s gained so much weight since his divorce. He’s depressed, anxious, full of self-pity; and arsonist, bombers, and contract killers are headed his way. And soon. Time to get tough, or die.

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Jon R Horton aka J Royal Horton was one of those kids who read under the covers by flashlight and hoped to be a writer some day. He spent one year as an honors student in English at the University of Wyoming before joining the Air Force, where he was a Russian linguist and intelligence analyst. With his GI Bill, he earned a B.A. in Russian Language and Literature from California State University at Northridge. Years later, he entered the D.A. program at Idaho State University as an English major. But the academic gender wars inspired a career move into the international oil exploration business as a Helicopter Operations Safety and Security Supervisor, specializing in remote operations. After retiring he began to write in earnest, and self-published five novels, all five-starred on Amazon. He was last published in the premier issue of the British literary magazine “Ronin”.

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