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Looking for a new series to get lost in? W.R. Gingell’s delightful and intriguing Shards Of A Broken Sword books are sure to please anyone who likes magic and faeries.

Twelve Days Of Faery (Shards Of A Broken Sword Book 1), by W.R. Gingell

“A king, an enchantress, a prince, ventures into Faery, murder, and at least one spy. There’s a lot to like in this story. The characters are well drawn, and the plot develops satisfactorily. I found the good guys to be likeable, and the bad ones interesting. Note I’m looking for the next book.” — Amazon Reviewer

In Twelve Days Of Faery, King Markon of Montalier is at the end of his tether. His son, Prince Parrin, is afflicted with a rather nasty curse that slaughters, maims, or brutally attacks any woman with whom he so much as flirts. After the rumour that sweeps around the kingdom, promising that any woman breaking the ‘curse’ will be eligible to marry the prince, there is no shortage of willing volunteers. Unfortunately, there is also no shortage of bodies piling up.

Markon needs to do something, but what? Can a visiting enchantress from Avernse help, or is she simply another accident waiting to happen? And will Markon be able to give her up to his son if she does break the curse?

Twelve Days of Faery is the first novella in the Shards Of A Broken Sword novella trilogy.

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W.R. Gingell is a Tasmanian author who lives in a house with a green door. She loves to rewrite fairytales with a twist or two–and a murder or three–and original fantasy where dragons, enchantresses, and other magical creatures abound. Occasionally she will also dip her toes into the waters of SciFi.
W.R. spends her time reading, drinking an inordinate amount of tea, and slouching in front of the fire to write. Like Peter Pan, she never really grew up, and is still occasionally to be found climbing trees.

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