Audiobook Spotlight: Eve’s Hungry

Looking for a unique story? You’ll have to check out Mackay Bell’s “Eve’s Hungry”, a sci-fi satire narrated by Tess Irondale.

Eve’s Hungry, by Mackay Bell, narrated by Tess Irondale
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9 hours and 3 minutes

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Dr. Eve Zachara, a smart, sexy, tech executive and expert in martial arts, is on a mission to save the world from total annihilation.

In the future, the fight between Apple and Google has grown into a deadly world war. Corporate fighter jets roar over the deserts of Central Asia, machine guns blast in the jungles of Africa, and high above the planet, vast battles are waged by opposing space fleets.

Google has vowed to nuke the Earth from their space based nuclear platform, right after Steve Job’s new Keynote speech. Eve, a personal protégé of Jobs, works as a super agent in Apple’s secretive Special Sales Division. As the clock ticks down, she must use all her amazing skills in international espionage, from assault and assassination to sabotage and seduction, in a final battle for the fate of mankind.

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