Discover the “Redway Acres” series!

Looking for a new series to get lost in? Discover Trish Butler’s historical Redway Acres series!

Redway Acres: Book 1 – Helena, by Trish Butler

“I enjoyed reading this well thought out novel. I like the way the author uses her warmth, honesty and talent for detail, to capture the true essence of the characters and relationships that develop. The use of historical facts, and description of the heart and soul of the characters help you understand and question the demands placed on society in the 19th century as well as serve as a comparison of today’s.” — Amazon Reviewer

Set in early 1800s, England…

Mrs. Helena Andrews is the widow of Captain Andrews who died in battle. Leaving all she knows behind her in Norfolk, she travels to Lincolnshire to live with her grandfather, Redway Acres stable owner, George Stockton. There she will raise her daughter.

After the death of her grandfather, she is left to run Redway by herself. She makes friends with an old widower in a ramshackle cottage, the family from a local, grand estate and their friend, a colonel and second son of the Earl of Aysthill, Nathaniel Ackley.

She is an opinionated woman in a man’s world, who loves horses and her daughter, and will stand up for those who are in need.

Her story is one of horses, strength of will, music, friendship, love and loyalty.

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Meet the Author

Trish Butler is the author of Redway Acres series of books.

She was born in Norwich, in the county of Norfolk in England and moved to Connecticut in the US, with her husband, in 1999.

Currently, she works as Communications Director for the Connecticut Family Support Network (CTFSN) a non-profit organization that helps families with children with special needs.

Redway Acres is mostly set in Lincolnshire, Cambridgeshire and Norfolk in the UK, which is an area that Trish knows well.

She has always wanted to write a book and at age fifty, finally realized that dream.

Read her blogs about her process and Redway Acres and its inhabitants at her website


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