Book Discovery Day! (Tuesday, May 2)

It’s Book Discovery Day! Twice a week we bring you a selection of books that are newly-published, or that have been overlooked.

Every great book was once a hidden gem. Browse through the books below and start your own discovery!


Book Discovery – newly-published and overlooked books!


Against the Eldest Flame (Doc Vandal Adventures Book 1), by Dave Robinson
When Nazi gorillas try to crash a Zeppelin full of zombies into Doc Vandal’s 87th floor home, he knows he’s got trouble.

Doc and his team have to track their attackers to a lost city half way across the world to find the secret behind the aerial attack. It’s not just a physical battle Doc has to win, it’s a contest for his very soul.

On one side:
An enemy older than time;
Nazi aerial battleships;
Man-eating dinosaurs.

On the other:
Doc Vandal, a man raised by artificial intelligences, and the world’s foremost scientific adventurer;
Gus, a gorilla with a fistful of doctorates, and secrets bigger than he is;
Vic, an expatriate Russian countess and daredevil pilot with a p…

The Battle for England, by Bernard Neeson
September 1940: An Invitation to Hitler has tricked him into launched an assault on England. Now can Britain see off the Nazi invasion? Churchill’s plan to throw back the German army is about to be put to the test. He is confident they can defeat the enemy. But not all his enemies are abroad, and not all his friends are at home.
The Mind of Stefan Dürr: The SHIVA Syndrome Trilogy (Volume 1), by Alan Joshua
A mind research experiment studying human consciousness goes horrifyingly wrong. Thousands are killed when a Russian suburb is mysteriously destroyed, leaving a mile-deep crater in its place. At the same time, a U.S. space shuttle vaporizes in orbit, and a Canadian mountaintop is ripped away.
One thing lies behind it all: The mind of Stefan Dürr.

Existence is dreary hell for Dr. Beau Walker. An embittered loner, he sleepwalks through life until the government virtually kidnaps him, hurling him into an incredibly menacing adventure beyond his wildest imaginings.

Coerced into joining a U.S./Russian scientific team, Beau searches for the cause of the disasters. Beginning with a treacherous, life-threatening explora…

Gray Places, by Julia Byrd
1790s Yorkshire, England – Katherine Gilbert sets out for Wainforth Manor in North Yorkshire to fulfill her father’s last request. The master of Wainforth, Thomas Norcliffe, does not welcome her unannounced arrival, so Katherine must tread carefully around his dark moods while attempting to unlock the history buried in his ancestral home.

After she receives more than one whispered warning from the townspeople in Wainforth Village, Katherine’s initial audacity begins to waver. Deadly secrets from the Norcliffe family’s past are resurfacing, and Katherine begins to realize that the biggest danger lies within herself—the wisest course is to leave, but she wants to stay at Wainforth Manor and uncover the truth about Thomas No…

Codename Angel: Cold War Thriller Series (The Angel Chronicles Book 1), by Jason Chapman
Fans of the unexplained will lover this cold war conspiracy series

When Cambridge physicist Professor Ralph Frederick is summoned to the office of wartime Prime Minister Winston Churchill he is given a very unusual task.
Frederick is put on a top secret committee Codenamed Angel who’s role it is to investigate flying saucer sightings occurring up and down the United Kingdom.

Codename Angel is the first book in a series of novels which explores a government struggling to cope with the aftermath of world war two, whilst struggling with the realisation that we may not be alone.. Codename Angel draws its inspiration from historical accounts and a memo Winston Churchill wrote in 1952 requesting information o…

Pandemic (The Extinction Files Book 1), by A.G. Riddle
From A.G. Riddle, the worldwide bestselling author with OVER 3 MILLION COPIES SOLD, comes a sci-fi thriller readers are calling “addictive” and “an achievement that takes the genre to the next level.”

In Africa, a mysterious outbreak spreads quickly. Teams from the CDC and WHO respond, but they soon learn that there is more to the epidemic than they believed. It may be simply the beginning of a global experiment–one that will change the human race forever.


A hundred miles north of Alaska, an American Coast Guard vessel discovers a sunken submarine at the bottom of the Arctic Ocean. It has no national identification and doesn’t match the records of any known ves…

Borne: A Novel, by Jeff VanderMeer
Named one of the most anticipated books of 2017 by The New York Times, The Huffington Post, Book Riot, Chicago Reader, The Week, and Publishers Weekly.

“Am I a person?” Borne asked me.
“Yes, you are a person,” I told him. “But like a person, you can be a weapon, too.”

In Borne, a young woman named Rachel survives as a scavenger in a ruined city half destroyed by drought and conflict. The city is dangerous, littered with discarded experiments from the Company—a biotech firm now derelict—and punished by the unpredictable predations of a giant bear. Rachel ekes out an existence in the shelter of a run-down sanctuary she share…

The Castle, by Skye Warren

Safe in the ivory tower…

Gabriel Miller swears he’ll keep me safe. Enemies lurk outside, waiting to strike. An army held back by these walls.

Except some animal instinct warns me the danger is much closer. It’s already here. Is Gabriel my protector or my enemy? Is this house a castle or a cage?

There’s nowhere for me to go, no one left for me to trust.

No escape from a past determined to capture its prize.

THE CASTLE is book three in the Endgame series from New York Times bestselling author Skye Warren about revenge and seduction in the game of love. This is the final novel in the story of Gabriel and Avery.



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