Book Discovery Day! (Tuesday, May 23)

It’s Book Discovery Day! Twice a week we bring you a selection of books that are newly-published, or that have been overlooked.

Every great book was once a hidden gem. Browse through the books below and start your own discovery!


Book Discovery – newly-published and overlooked books!


Be Still the Water: A slow-burning novel of tragedy, hope and love, by Karen Emilson
Shortlisted for the 2017 Margaret Laurence Award for Fiction
IPPY 2017 Silver Medalist

From the bestselling author of “Where Children Run” comes a smoldering tale, set in 1906 along the unspoiled shores of Lake Manitoba. “Be Still the Water” brings us into the fold of the Gudmundsson Family–immigrants determined to begin life anew in the Icelandic farming and fishing community of Siglunes.At the heart of the novel is dutiful Asta, the middle daughter who lives in the shadow of her siblings–fiery Signy, headstrong Leifur and sweet, naive Freyja. When Freyja goes missing, Asta embarks on a quest to bring her sister home. She tells the family’s story some seventy years later, while on her deathbed, fina…

Live Your Life, Forget the Diet, Find Your Zen, by Kenny Glover
Is it possible to reach and maintain a goal weight by eating the same foods found in your daily life? Looking for the perfect diet; Find Your Zen instead. Discover where the balance for mind, body, and spirit can be found. Become a part of the natural world.

Start up the trail to a Happy, Healthy Life by answering these questions:

●  Figure out why you are eating?
●  What time of day are you hungry?
●  Determine Your Yearly Cycle.
●  What’s Your Kryptonite?
●  What’s Your Zen?
●  Can I cook restaurant meals in my own Family Cafe?
●  Do you have an Outdoor Space?
●  Are you part of the Natu…

The Third Wave: Eidolon, by John O’Brien
In 2003, the largest recorded solar flare collided with Earth. The sensors measuring the solar storm were destroyed at an X28 rating, but it was determined later to be an X45 class flare. A satellite monitoring solar activity picks up something far surpassing that classification and on a collision course.

A solar storm, so strong that X classifications no longer apply, hits the CERN large hadron collider at the moment of particle collision, sending a quantum wave around the world. Souls are ripped from the over 7 billion people that are in its path, many immediately succumbing. Those remaining either feel nothing or are tormented by endless agony. Only a few escape its path.

Sam and his teenage daughter Erin return to …

Star Force: Return to Earth, by Aer-ki Jyr
Both Mak’to’ran and Star Force return to the Sol/Terraxis System, setting up a summit meeting that will irrevocably alter both civilizations going forward….
The Gorge: A Thriller, by Scott Nicholson
“One of the most thrilling writers working today. Miss him at your peril.” – Blake Crouch, Wayward Pines

An experimental rafting expedition, an FBI manhunt for a delusional killer, and the worst storm in decades collide in the remote mountain wilderness…and then THEY come out.


Bowie Whitlock and a team of celebrity athletes are commissioned to test two experimental rafts in the rugged Unegama Gorge in the remote Appalachian Mountains, considered the most dangerous whitewater rapids in the eastern United States.

FBI agent Jim Castle and his partner are in the gorge looking for Ace Goodall, a deranged abortion clinic bomber. Ace, accompanied by a fragile young woman, is suffering visions…

Demon Lights (Blackwater Lights Trilogy), by Michael M. Hughes
From the cult-favorite author of Blackwater Lights comes the finale to a dark paranormal horror trilogy in the cosmic horror vein of H. P. Lovecraft.

The world is collapsing. Governments have fallen, and anarchy reigns. Yet a greater danger looms imprisoned in ancient objects from distant space: bodiless aliens with an all-consuming thirst for freedom . . . and human blood.

They have a strong ally in Lily, a powerful sorceress and leader of a globe-spanning cult. In an isolated compound deep in the frozen north, Lily cultivates a group of children whose paranormal abilities can be harnessed to unleash the alien apocalypse. Now she has acquired the final pieces to the puzzle: a gifted young boy named Wil…

Walking on Edge: A Pilgrimage to Santiago, by Reino Gevers
“I soon realised that it was one of the hardest things to train the mind to remain focused. It was like a butterfly following every curve ball of distraction thrown at it. And so often on the Camino, I had to learn the lesson that when my mind was distracted, I would inevitably miss the yellow way markers and get lost.”
After getting lost in the Pyrenees Jake is ready to give-up and return him. Then he meets fellow pilgrim Chuck who guides him with words of wisdom and encouragement. A Path walked by pilgrims for centuries becomes for Jake a modern-day journey of self-discovery and spiritual awakening.
Like the ancient masters who sent their students on a journey to uncharted places, Jake discovers that it is within the unknown and…
The Only Child, by Andrew Pyper
The #1 internationally bestselling author of The Demonologist radically reimagines the origins of gothic literature’s founding masterpieces—Frankenstein, Strange Case of Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde, and Dracula—in a contemporary novel driven by relentless suspense and surprising emotion. This is the story of a man who may be the world’s one real-life monster, and the only woman who has a chance of finding him.

As a forensic psychiatrist at New York’s leading institution of its kind, Dr. Lily Dominick has evaluated the mental states of some of the country’s most dangerous psychotics. But the strangely compelling client she interviewed today—a man with no name, accused of the most twisted crime—s…


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