Book Discovery Day! (Tuesday June 13)

It’s Book Discovery Day! Twice a week we bring you a selection of books that are newly-published, or that have been overlooked.

Every great book was once a hidden gem. Browse through the books below and start your own discovery!


Book Discovery – newly-published and overlooked books!


Butterfly Kisses (The Orange Blossom Series Book 1), by Leigh Duncan
Butterfly Kisses is the first book in The Orange Blossom series, the latest in heartwarming Women’s Fiction from National Readers’ Choice Award winner, Leigh Duncan.

Justine Gale just got incredible news. The struggling single mom has inherited the flourishing citrus grove where she spent idyllic summers and formed lifelong friendships. Once on the fast track to success, Justine has recently learned her five-year-old daughter faces a lifetime of expensive medical treatments. Treatments, she can’t afford. The decision to sell the land her family has owned for generations seems like the simple and smart way for Justine to provide for her daughter’s future. But when she returns to Orange Blossom, she quickly realizes her plans c…

And With the Shadow People Be, by Dan Newman
From Dan Newman, the author of The Clearing and The Journalist, comes a novella that takes readers, shaking and terrified, back into the jungles of the Caribbean.

Nate Mason sits in the office of a therapist, unable to move past the trauma he lived through on St. Lucia. Gently she wheedles another, similar story out of him, a story that serves as a screen for his own unspeakable memories. The tale of a girl named Jessie and her father, two ex-pats who had taken up residence on the isle. Their Jeep gets stuck in a rut, too late in the day and far from home, and both Jessie and her father must contend with the demons of the island, both real and imagined, over the course of one horrifying night.


Curry Fish Head, by Janday Lee
It started with a bowl of curry fish head…

Candy acquired a special ability after her car accident. This ability changed her life and she gained a special friend…through the bowl of curry fish head.

You’ll discover an unusual friendship; a unique ghost story; a strange encounter with humour and mystery…all in this book….

The Bear Trap (Mike Bowditch Mysteries), by Paul Doiron
“Breathless pacing, dark humor, wildlife, and vivid characters.” Boston Globe

In this original short story in the Mike Bowditch mystery series, legendary Maine woodsman and bush pilot Charley Stevens tries to convince young Mike Bowditch of the dangers awaiting rookie game wardens.


“Nobody knows the woods of Maine like the rugged individuals who eke out a living by hunting, fishing and cutting timber. And nobody knows the region’s inhabitants like Mike Bowditch, the young game warden in Paul Doiron’s manly mysteries.” New York Times Book Review

The Last Empress: A Jordinia Prequel Novella, by C.K. Brooke
Book #0.5 in the Jordinia series ~ Before the New Republic seized the nation, before its legendary duchess was ever lost or found…there was the last empress.
On her eighteenth birthday, Néandra Gatspierre, daughter of the Earl of Witham, learns that she has been chosen to wed Jordinia’s future emperor, Dane Ducelle IV. In the diary she receives as a gift, Néandra chronicles her days from arriving to the palace in Pierma as a new bride and accepting the crown as empress, to navigating a complex marriage and suppressing her dangerous affections for another man. Meanwhile, an ill-starred succession of famine, economic decline, and plague threatens to inspire the country’s most disgruntled citizens to full-fle…
Multiverse: Stories Across Realms, by Steve Rzasa
From author Steve Rzasa comes a collection of short stories written over the past eight years, encompassing a multitude of worlds. Good and evil, faith and doubt, collide in ten tales, including…

A starship captain recovers a dangerous passenger.

A dragon’s death offers a soldier the chance to soar.

A crew risks everything for innocent aliens.

A couple gets the drop on British soldiers.

Multiverse knows no bounds.

Rescued (2009)
Hunting Souls (2010)
Lost in the Crowd (2011)
In the Bag (2013)
Turncoat (2014)
The Torchbearer (2015)
Send & Receive (2015)
Bail Out: A Human Intervention (2016)
The Giftwing (2016)

Island Quarantine, by Blaze Eastwood
When a pandemic sweeps across the country, those who are infected by the virus are sent to an island to keep them separate from the rest of the world. But when Emory makes some shocking discoveries in the quarantine zone, he realizes there is more to the pandemic than he thought. As his symptoms get worse, he knows he needs to find outside help. With guards surrounding the island, he feels trapped in a human experiment that has the power to kill off all the test subjects. As Emory’s discoveries become more shocking, he becomes more desperate to find answers, but time is running out….
Candlebright: A Rescuer Novel, by Larry Cross
To the casual observer, Thomas Candlebright was a regular ordinary guy, with a regular ordinary family going about their regular ordinary everyday lives, just like everyone else. But, Thomas also had a not so ordinary, not so everyday, secret. Not a superhero by any stretch, and working without tights or a cape, his task was to rescue righteous victims from the grasp of evil doers before they could be physically harmed. Thomas Candlebright was The Rescuer….


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