Book Discovery Day! (Tuesday, June 27)

It’s Book Discovery Day! Twice a week we bring you a selection of books that are newly-published, or that have been overlooked.

Every great book was once a hidden gem. Browse through the books below and start your own discovery!


Book Discovery – newly-published and overlooked books!


Behind Frenemy Lines, by Chele Smith Walsky
Who do you trust when you fall in love? When you’re a spy, sometimes not even yourself…
An old Hollywood scandal, White House threats, and steamy espionage heat up this rom-com spy mystery.
When “secret agent” Galaxy O’Jordan joins the team, she’s trying hard to swear off love while mending a broken heart –and all those pails of ice cream aren’t helping! It’s just her luck when she’s paired with chivalrous hunk Lee Clancy, surveillance specialist. Soon they’re smitten, despite their best efforts to play it cool. As they muddle their way through clues and calamities amid suspicion and a percolating chemistry they can’t deny, it leads to trysts in unusual places.
Suddenly the case veers off track and is more than it sets ou…
The Dead Man Chronicles: Fear: A Superhero Action-Thriller Novel, by Ellis E. Fowler
Derek Willows lives in fear. He’s afraid of the crime families that call on him to use his access as a reporter for their sinister plans. He’s afraid that his family will be ripped apart, that he’ll end up dead, like his father. But fear is a luxury he can no longer afford. When the sadistic crime lord, the Viper kidnaps his pregnant wife. Derek turns to his city’s superhero vigilante, the Dead Man for help. But disaster strikes. Now the hero is dying, and Derek has to assume the mantle of the Dead Man to save the ones he loves.Aided by cutting-edge technology and an unexpected ally, Derek must uncov…
The Crossing of Bridges, by Summer Munger
Sometimes healing heartbreak means crossing over oceans of pain, ravines of memory and rivers of regret. Both Sarah Chapman and Larissa Olivera learned that lesson and crossed over their loss, as well as the Atlantic Ocean. Sarah is a young, thriving American advertising executive working on the busy streets of London. Larissa, a proud Brazilian recovering from the recent death of her mother, owns a quaint cafe in a small town outside of the city. Both are strong women who love the lives they’ve worked so hard to build. It’s only when a chance meeting puts them face to face with each other that they begin to wonder if those lives could be shared….
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A Merciful Truth (Mercy Kilpatrick Book 2), by Kendra Elliot
An Amazon Charts and Wall Street Journal bestseller.

Raised by a family of survivalists, FBI agent Mercy Kilpatrick can take on any challenge—even the hostile reception to her homecoming. But she’s not the only one causing chaos in the rural community of Eagle’s Nest, Oregon. At first believed to be teenage pranks, a series of fires takes a deadly turn with the murder of two sheriff’s deputies. Now, along with Police Chief Truman Daly, Mercy is on the hunt for an arsonist turned killer.

Still shunned by her family and members of the community, Mercy must keep her ear close to the ground to pick up any leads. And it’s not long before she hears rumors of the area’s growing antigovernment militia moveme…

The Good Widow: A Novel, by Liz Fenton
Bestselling authors Liz Fenton and Lisa Steinke make their suspense debut in this twisty, emotional thriller.

Elementary school teacher Jacqueline “Jacks” Morales’s marriage was far from perfect, but even in its ups and downs it was predictable, familiar. Or at least she thought it was…until two police officers showed up at her door with devastating news. Her husband of eight years, the one who should have been on a business trip to Kansas, had suffered a fatal car accident in Hawaii. And he wasn’t alone.

For Jacks, laying her husband to rest was hard. But it was even harder to think that his final moments belonged to another woman—one who had left behind her own grieving and bewildered fiancé. Nick, just …

Scion of Raizel (The Divine Elements Book 3), by Daman
Official Website:

After finding out that members of the Raizel clan were still alive, Calron sets out on a new journey to search for his family and finally learn the secrets of his birth and who he is.

Reuniting with old friends and new, Calron builds himself a home in the new city of Selior. With a mysterious secret that he inherited from his Master, the young man establishes his influence amongst the Nobles and merchants. A secret that people will kill him and his friends for.

This is the start of where Calron becomes a true member of the Raizel clan….

No Medals for Secrets (Poor Man’s Fight Book 4), by Elliott Kay
The Union of Humanity exists only because the aliens demanded it. After a hundred different treaties and countless broken promises, mankind’s powerful neighbors forced humanity into a common defense and a single diplomatic voice. Yet within the Union’s borders, the human race is as fractious as ever. When the star system of Archangel is invaded by the three greatest corporations in human space, the Union is powerless to intervene.

Corporal Alicia Wong thrives on the front lines. She doesn’t like the war, but she likes the challenges and the clear-cut goals. She likes knowing who her friends and enemies are, too. Yet after uncovering evidence of alien contact in violation of Union laws, Alicia finds herself in a world of esp…


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