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Legends & Lies (The Golden Den Book 1), by M. Jiminez. (Still free?)

“This book puts a new spin on the fantasy world of elves and cyclops. The story contains plenty of action, well-developed characters, and excellent detail, but not so much detail that it makes you skip lines of the tale. I was immediately drawn into the book and disappointed to see it end so soon. I am looking forward to the next installment with great anticipation!” — Amazon Reviewer

Living in Sarvyr hasn’t been easy for Adastros since his father’s death. Lysmatchus left behind an incredible legacy that few believe Adastros can live up to. Just when Adastros thinks he has proven himself and his future is set, lies, schemes, and murder destroy any hope of a life in Sarvyr and force him to flee his home.

With nothing left to lose, Adastros sets out to follow his dream, prove his worth, and honor his father’s memory. The legendary Golden Den may seem like nothing more than a myth, but Adastros knows proving its existence will etch his name in history forever. Unfortunately, his escape from Sarvyr has left him stranded with few supplies and no idea where to begin his search–
and in more danger than he realizes. When he stumbles across an ancient elven city, he is thrust into the middle of an unprecedented war threatening the elves’ survival. Will Adastros have what it takes to turn the tide of battle? Could this be his own legacy?

353 pages, with a 5-star rating from 4 reviews.

Killing Time On Mars, by Alec Taylor. (Still 2.99?)

“This is one of the best I have read in recent memory; a combination Sci Fi/Mystery that starts out pretty well and by the 70% mark it becomes a real page turner that I didn’t want to put down. Congratulations to the author for a really good novel. I am anxiously awaiting the sequel. Thank you for the experience.” — Amazon Reviewer

Earth’s super-powers have successfully colonized Mars in a joint-venture to harvest Helium isotopes. Six Earth-years on, a colonist is found dead and events unfold that threaten the lucrative venture and the lives of everyone on the planet. As the death toll rises and conditions in the colony become unbearable, a small group of friends, led by a local detective, uncover a surprising conspiracy which strikes at the very nature of life on Mars.

270 pages, with a 4.6-star rating from 6 reviews.

Dress 2 Impress: A Jennifer Cloud Novel (Jennifer Cloud Series), by Janet Leigh. (Still 1.99?)

“Love this author, couldn’t wait for my preordered copy of Dress to Impress. It didn’t disappoint even funnier than the first Jennifer Cloud book. Don’t know where she gets her clever plot inspiration but keep them coming!!!” — Amazon Reviewer


Time Travel, is it for real?


Living in Sunnyside, Texas, and working nine-to-five at her brother’s chiropractic office, Jennifer Cloud’s life appears to be perfectly normal.


But when the moon is full, she’s a transporter for the World Travel Federation, going back in time to help stop the Brigands from stealing the keys to the vessels that time travelers have been secretly using throughout history.

Jennifer is on a mission in 1602 Scotland with fellow time traveler and current flame, the green-eyed Caiyan. Her inexperience and a bit of distraction cause them to let the bad guy slip through their fingers, and they’re written up back at WTF headquarters—by Jennifer’s longtime on-again, off-again lover, the handsome CIA agent Jake.

Jennifer is torn between the two men. But when she discovers that Caiyan has gone off to 1985 Hollywood, chasing some unknown traveler, and become trapped there, she turns to another sexy man in her life, a gorgeous racecar driver named Marco.

With multiple love interests and a frantic rescue mission involving a mystery traveler, a vicious Brigand, a famous rock star, and a vindictive serial killer, book two of the Jennifer Cloud series delivers yet another hilarious romantic time-travel adventure!

AUTHOR NOTE: “DRESS 2 IMPRESS” is book 2 in the Jennifer Cloud series but may be read as a standalone. This story is for those readers that enjoy humor, romance, time travel, mystery and suspense all rolled up in one. BE ADVISED: You may Laugh out loud.


250 pages, with a 4.5-star rating from 36 reviews.


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The Haunting of Rachel Harroway: The Beginning- Book 0, by J.S Donovan. (Still free?)

“This author is new to me, but I now plan to spend most of the summer with her. This story got so scary at times I had to walk away and chill for awhile. Rachel and her husband move into an old house with plenty of history and soon creepy things start happening. Ms. Donovan moves the tale along at a nice pace and the tension rises quickly.” — Amazon Reviewer

In 1983, a family of four was murdered in their nineteenth century Queen Anne manse. There were no witnesses, no real investigation, and no survivors.

Over thirty years later, the house is suddenly back on the market. Ready to settle down, a young married couple moves from New York City to their dream home in the quiet town of Highlands, North Carolina. However, as past secrets come to light and unpredictable strangers violate their privacy, the couple’s hope for a fresh start twists into the fuel for their darkest nightmares.

123 pages, with a 4.5-star rating from 56 reviews.

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