Book Discovery Day! (Friday, July 28)

It’s Book Discovery Day! Twice a week we bring you a selection of books that are newly-published, or that have been overlooked.

Every great book was once a hidden gem. Browse through the books below and start your own discovery!


Book Discovery – newly-published and overlooked books!


How to tell if your friend is a sociopath: Learning how to see through the smoke, by Jonathan Jaye
A dangerous person without a conscience rarely looks that way. They often seem like the most charming and attractive among us. It is only when we are used or targeted that we learn who we’re really dealing with–and often much too late. A trained mental health professional shares candidly about his personal and professional experiences with sociopathic individuals. Some basic guidelines for understanding this infamous personality style….
The Cannibal’s Feast, by Robert I. Katz
In this new science fiction thriller by award winning author, Robert I. Katz, it is the Twenty-Fifth Century and mankind has spread throughout the solar system and beyond. Ships move faster than light. Interstellar travel has become common. Asteroids have been hollowed out, are inhabited by billions and have become the prosperous center of human civilization. The Industrial Congress, a loose association of humanity’s largest, most powerful corporations, and its military arm, the Comity, tries to keep the peace in Sol system between endlessly feuding corporations. Governments are obsolete. Earth is a sleepy backwater.

Matthew Braden, a young man from a run-down habitat in Earth orbit, has graduated at the top of his class from t…

The Weaponsmaker (88.3 Book 1), by Giles Becker
THREE DYSTOPIAN NOVELS; Three main characters on the edge of survival in a collapsing world. In the remote future the authorities have decreed there will be no more numbered years. It’s hot. It’s been hot and dry for a long time. The Agencies entertain themselves by spying on everybody. The lower classes are lucky to get two quarts of cloudy water a day. Above it all an old satellite broadcasts the literature and music of the ancient world at 88.3 and nobody can find the uplink to shut it up. It tells stories of a time when the years had numbers and lakes and river shone under a gentle sun. Then suddenly the rains come back. They come back storm upon catastrophic storm and in the chaos is the chance to fight for freedom or drown to strains …
Joel Stephen Boucher’s Stories of Then and Now, by Joel Boucher
A compare-and-contrast of common real world scenarios as well as fictitious themes that have been shown time and time again on stage and screen.
Each thematic subject of the stories is set first in a time period of roughly a century ago, then again in our own time.
In doing so, the reader can see the treatment of the subject matters according to different eras.
Winterfall: A novel of the Demon Accords, by John Conroe
With Declan O’Carroll on Fairie and Chris Gordon on Earth what could go wrong? Try everything. Scheming elves, deadly zombies, killer goblins, flaming dragons and dirty diapers. With a growing, insidious threat to Earth, Chris and Tanya race to save lives while Declan, Stacia and friends work just as hard to save their own lives on an alien world, far removed from the comforts and safety of home. Only together will they overcome the odds. But come on, with this team, maybe the odds should look out….
The Gender Game 7: The Gender End, by Bella Forrest
The breathtaking, earth-shattering GRAND FINALE of the bestselling Gender Game series.

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*Beware of spoilers in the reviews below that are without spoiler alerts*…

Bullet Rain – A Nova Bartkowski Novel (Holly Lin Series), by Robert Swartwood

Nova is a free man. Having just walked away as a non-sanctioned hit man for the U.S. government, he’s purchased a classic Mustang to drive across the country. But when his car breaks down in the middle of the Nevada desert, Nova ends up in the small town of Parrot Spur. There’s something strange about Parrot Spur. Something … off. Maybe it’s the fact the town is full of ex-servicemen. Maybe it’s the fact the abandoned mine might not be abandoned. Maybe it’s the fact the knockout brunette in the bar is clearly more than what she seems. In the end, none of it matters. What matters — and what Nova is soon going to learn — is that in the desert, the only thing that rains is bullets….

The Secrets She Keeps: A Novel, by Michael Robotham
In the bestselling tradition of The Girl on the Train and In a Dark, Dark Wood, from the internationally bestselling author whom Stephen King called “an absolute master” of the psychological thriller, comes a riveting suspense novel about the unlikely friendship between two pregnant women that asks: how far would you go to create the perfect family?

Agatha is pregnant and works part-time stocking shelves at a grocery store in a ritzy London suburb, counting down the days until her baby is due. As the hours of her shifts creep by in increasing discomfort, the one thing she looks forward to at work is catching a glimpse of Meghan, the effortlessly chic customer whose elegant lifestyle dazzles her. Meghan has it all: t…


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