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Cooking Up Trouble (Mill Pond Book 1), by Judi Lynn. (Still .99)

“The author did a great job of creating an amazing place called Mill Pond and gave us leading characters with some serious sizzle and pop that kept the pages turning and made this a really fun and intriguing read!!” — Amazon Reviewer

Nothing stirs the pot like a new man in town…

Welcome to Mill Pond and small-town country living, filled with fresh air, fresh food, and plenty of fresh gossip—especially when it comes to romance…

It’s impossible not to notice when someone new shows up in Mill Pond. Especially someone as obviously out-of-place as Ian McGregor. His stylish suit and fancy car scream “city slicker.” And when Tessa Lawrence discovers he can’t even change a tire, she has no choice but to help. That’s just what the locals do. And when she finds out Ian’s her new neighbor, of course she’s obliged to invite him to dinner too…

Turns out Ian’s come from New York to open a luxury resort on the property next door to Tessa’s farm, where she grows berries and sells her famous jams and delectable baked goods. But despite their quickly growing friendship and temptingly close proximity, Tessa plans to keep things with Ian strictly neighborly. For one thing, Ian’s got a fiancée who, unlike Tessa, doesn’t have dirt under her nails. Plus, Tessa knows from bitter experience that a guy this gorgeous is all too likely to break a simple country girl’s heart. Even if he’s as sweet as one of her cinnamon buns—and equally hard to resist…

190 pages, with a 4.4/5-star rating from 12 reviews.


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Sweet Melissa: Ignorance is not Bliss (Book One 1), by Susan Segovia-Munoz. (Still free)

“Could not put the book down! I love the characters and I absolutely can not wait for book 2 to come out! Very interesting and an easy read. Great book to bring to the beach!” — Amazon Reviewer


I would do anything to get my next fix…

The author was a very stubborn, naïve, and gullible young woman with a very bad case of low self-esteem. At 18 year’s old, and from an upper middle class suburban family she was always known as the fat sister. She was the black sheep of the family, and the trouble maker.

Believing herself to be stupid, fat, ugly, and incapable of being loved the author leaves the safety, security, and love of her family. She goes out on a journey of her own to try and find love, and acceptance elsewhere.

Her deepest desire is to fit in somewhere. Anywhere.

The author encounters a variety of potential suitors that she cannot resist. She finds that once their true intentions are exposed, that these exquisitely wrapped packages reveal the contents of deceitful, controlling, and abusive men.

The author gets lost in a vicious cycle of addiction, and abuse.

Is it too late?

She has already opened, and walked through the door of her self-produced nightmare.

Her senses are dulled, and she is emotionless.

Has she lost her soul, or did she sell it?

Her stubbornness is holding her hostage to the fact that she will always learn things the hard way. There are times when death seems like the only answer.

After decades of losing time and time again, the author finally submits to the fact that she is out of control, and that her life is unmanageable.

That is her reality.

Is there any hope for change after almost thirty years of addiction, and crime?

What could possibly happen to the author that would make her change her life in every single way?

What is it that turned the author into the woman she was always meant to be?

This is MY story.

I broke out into a cold sweat, and tried to cry. The tears would not fall, because I knew in my heart, that I had no one to blame for my situation but myself. I came from a good, loving family. I was never beaten or abused. We went on family vacations every summer. My childhood years could not have been more perfect. What was wrong with me?

I looked closely into the mirror, and saw the dark circles beneath my eyes. I was underweight, and my long blonde hair was thinning. I looked away from the mirror quickly, and sat on the cold, tile floor of this cheap motel bathroom.

My hand shook a bit as I held the spoon full of heroin. I cooked it up with a blue lighter. I dropped in a small piece of cotton, and drew up the liquid with a syringe. I injected the heroin, and fell slowly back against the wall. The tile was no longer cold, and life did not seem so hopeless anymore.

Sweet Melissa is a six book memoir series. It is the author’s story about her life-long struggle with addiction to drugs, her downward spiral towards self destruction, and finally her recovery. Follow the author down the dark path of substance abuse and the lifestyle that goes with it.

In Book One, the author gets involved with prostitution and drugs. She encounters a variety of people, and finds herself addicted to heroin. With that addiction she falls deeper and deeper into a hole of which she believes will never end. Her self-esteem diminishes, and her life seems worthless.

This is a life-long struggle with substance abuse. Heroin and substance abuse cloud the mind from thinking properly. It deadens the senses, and strips the soul. It puts you in places you could never imagine in your wildest dreams.

This is a memoir straight from the heart of the finally recovered.

212 pages, with a 4.3/5-star rating from 13 reviews.


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The Gold Hunters: A First-Hand Picture of Life in California Mining Camps in the Early Fifties, by J.D. Borthwick. (Still free)

“This is such a well written book about California in the Gold Rush years. This is the book to read if you want to know about California in those early years. He covers all the major cities plus both the northern and southern gold fields. He has a keen eye for people and covers all the different types he meets. I found this book very informative and interesting.” — Amazon Reviewer

The Gold Hunters offers a unique look at the life in the gold camps of the nineteenth century American West — the different cultures attracted by the discovery of gold, how they related to one another and their contrasting food, clothes and entertainment. 

John David Borthwick (1824-1892), born in Edinburgh, Scotland, to a prominent physician, was a nomadic Scottish journalist and author who received both a gentleman’s and artist’s education. In 1845, an inheritance was settled on him, and when he turned 21, he set out to see the world. It is also speculated that he was one of the sons of Peter Borthwick, a descendant of Baron Borthwick, but there is no evidence to substantiate this claim.

247 pages, with a 4.7/5-star rating from 25 reviews.


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Common Grounds: Contemplations, Confessions, and (Unexpected) Connections from the Coffee Shop, by Lee Warren. (Still free)

“I really enjoyed this book! I don’t think I have read one just like it before so it is hard to place it in a category. It is like listening to someone who tells great stories about their daily encounters. I’m sorry it is done. I liked the format and the way the author uses what is happening at the time to tell a story.” — Amazon reviewer

“Am I the only one?”

That question sent Lee Warren on a pilgrimage in which he visited thirty coffee shops in Omaha, Nebraska. This collection of heartfelt insights about love, loss, loneliness, and the deep need for connection is the result.

He ended up spending $136.42 on coffee and a few donuts, but it was a small price to pay for the commonality he felt between the patrons, baristas, and himself. And standing on common ground gave him strength in the most unexpected of ways.

Maybe it will do the same for you.

131 pages, with a 4.4/5-star rating from 29 reviews.

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