Book Discovery Day! (Tuesday, January 9)

It’s Book Discovery Day! Twice a week we bring you a selection of books that are newly-published, or that have been overlooked.

Every great book was once a hidden gem. Browse through the books below and start your own discovery!


Book Discovery – newly-published and overlooked books!


Risk The Wings Of Sisterhood, by J. Evangelisti
Two polar opposites meet at State College. Julie Pastel learns there are advantages to taking risks. Burkie Vivid learns that fame comes to those that least expects it…as does a true friend.

Julie spouts Shakespeare when annoyed or anxious, never dated in high school, and views the romantic world through books and movies. She comes from a modest background, is not athletic, is on her way to college on Scholarship, never had a true friend and never takes risks. That is about to change when she meets the outrageous, outgoing, outspoken, wealthy Burkie who desires the attention of boys, is a tremendously gifted athlete, makes poor decisions, and loves to take risks.

Burkie has plans for the uptight Julie to introduce …

Jessica’s Footprints, by J. R. Evangelisti
Extraterrestrial children must be reunited before they can return home.

Atmospheric ionic transgression, electro kinetic propulsion, exceeding the speed of light, this is Science Fiction with a touch of the paranormal and a true mystery. The story starts in 20,000 BC in Australia where two children a girl age nine and a boy age six walk to the edge of a marsh where tragedy strikes.

In current times, a seventeen year old girl named Jessica involved on an archeological field trip near Lake Mungo, New South Wales, finds the footprints left 20,000 years earlier that became known as “Jessica’s Footprints.”

We fast forward twenty years to find the trajectory of Jessica’s life has changed as …

Novum Chronicles: (The Complete Novum Series), by Joseph Rhea
As the last descendants of Earth struggle to survive beneath the surface of an alien water planet, one man’s discovery will lead him on a journey of redemption, while he fights to save what’s left of his world.

Jacob Stone is a young man haunted by his past. When he reluctantly accepts a job to help pay for a transport submarine he inherited but doesn’t want, he inadvertently awakens an ancient and terrible power. Its arrival triggers a chain of events that could destroy what’s left of the human race or be the key to its future. But, is it a future he’s willing to fight for, let alone die for?

This is the complete 5-book Novum series combined into one massive (>600 page) volume!

True Hearts, by Pamela Ferguson
Golden Heart Award Winning Author

Lilac. Where paths cross, sparks fly and love blooms.

Even though it sometimes feels like she lives in a fishbowl, hair salon manager Sunny DeStefano loves small-town life. When self-made businessman Buck Day returns to Lilac for a family wedding, Sunny realizes her feelings for him are as strong as ever. Will gossip and judgmental people keep them apart?

Buck once believed that moving away from Lilac would help him escape his family’s troubled past and get over his crush on Sunny. Now that he’s back, he realizes he wants a family of his own. Will Sunny risk getting involved with a loner whose family is as broken as his?…

The Reality Pact, by Christy Marie
Rachel Rue is having a bad day, one that can’t be fixed with tequila or chocolate, even the good kind. What started as the day the biggest story of her career was set to air ended with her world in shambles. Rachel is a hard-driving news producer, after all, and her job is her life. And that life is over.

Faced with no options, a woman dedicated to the truth takes a job as second assistant producer on “Beautiful Lives,” a reality TV show in Tampa, Fla., that showcases the shenanigans of allegedly high class women.

They don’t play nice — with her or each other. As she navigates the minefield that has become her new reality, Rachel falls hard for the gorgeous Major League Baseball star boyfriend of one of the …

Murder at Le Bijou Bistro: Northwest Cozy Mystery Series (Northwest Cozy Mysteries Book 5), by Dianne Harman
When the wrong person’s murdered, just who was the intended victim of death by chocolate cake?

Was it the retired mobster, Al De Duco? Could it have been an act of jealousy by his ex-girlfriend, Kitten Knight, or an act of revenge by Mario Carlucci, a long-time enemy of his from Al’s days with the Mafia in Chicago?

Or was the intended victim Al’s wife of two weeks, Cassie, the very popular food critic who writes the Food Spy column for The Seattle Times? But who would want to murder Cassie? Maybe it was Myles Lambert, the food critic she was filling in for at the Times and who was jealous of her success. Then there’s the Gourmand’s Guide to Good Eats food blogger, Jessica Simmons, who’d always hated Cassie. O…

Her Spy to Hold (Spy Games Book 2), by Paula Altenburg
When weapons placement expert Dr. Irina Glasov’s top secret military project is compromised, Irina has only one place to turn. All work and no play, espionage definitely isn’t her game.

Intelligence officer Kale Martin is all-in to help the reserved but very sexy Dr. Glasov find her man, and getting the brilliant software engineer to let down her guard long enough for things to heat up between them quickly becomes a game Kale plays to win.

Irina’s not foolish enough to trust a man who lies for a living, and she’s well aware Kale’s been lying to her. Can they work together to figure out who’s hacking into her computer system before her professional—and personal—reputations are ruined?

Why wait…

Alyce Leaves Wonderland, by Nataisha Hill
Alyce is “dying” to move out of her parent’s home

Unfortunately, she was never taught to be careful what she wished for…

Everyday life is predictable for the intellectual, redheaded and green eyed beauty, Alyce Wilson. As a sheltered only child, her mother enforced Alyce’s focus on academics, which landed her a full scholarship at a University in Washington D.C where her best friend is attending. She couldn’t wait for the change in her humdrum routine.

Unfortunately, Alyce quickly realizes that her independency isn’t the wonderland she envisioned. Alyce’s fantasies of freedom and an exotic adulthood turns into a nightmare of deadly deceptions and hidden family secrets.


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