Book Discovery Day! (Tuesday, February 6)

It’s Book Discovery Day! Twice a week we bring you a selection of books that are newly-published, or that have been overlooked.

Every great book was once a hidden gem. Browse through the books below and start your own discovery!


Book Discovery – newly-published and overlooked books!


Inspire Brazil: Travel inspiration for your trip to Brazil, by Globe Soup
From dreamy palm-fringed beaches to rain-forests teeming with wildlife and rugged mountain vistas. Inspire Brazil will open your eyes to the wonders that await you in this vibrant South American country….
An Affair so Right (Rebel Hearts Book 4), by Heather Boyd
Falling in love is the worst complication…

When a fire destroys her home, Theodora Dalton loses not only her every last possession, but her beloved father as well. Her nearest neighbor, Quinn Ford, graciously offers temporary lodgings to Theodora and her mother, but if she’s going to see them on their feet sooner than later, she’ll need employment. To that end, she convinces the viscount to employ her as his secretary. In her new position, she can manage Quinn’s disastrously unorganized affairs—while also attempting to prove her father’s death was more than mere accident. She has only to avoid the incredibly irresistible distraction that is the viscount himself.

Quinn, Viscount Maitland, has paternal troubl…

Rearing and Tending Dogs: Humans’ Best Friend for Disaster Survival – Hunt, Herd and Guard, by Dorg Wooten
This book series is written in the way for fun reading in order to reduce stress from our daily life hassles as we are usually busy trying to earn a living. This book should help its readers gain some important knowledge about understanding their pet. However, sometimes, no matter how funny or humorous we are to phrase our sentences from the fact that we accumulated from, those factual pieces of references are way more astonishing and astounding.

Fun! Fun! Fun! This is a stress-relieving book – even if you don’t have a dog (yet). If you spend more time on your dog rather than concentrating on other issues, you are actually diverting your attention and also mitigating your own tensions. We are very serious about rearing and t…

2018 Numerology Guidebook: Plan, Schedule and Organize Your Year for Success, by Leonie Hope
The Secret Weapon to Creating a Better life for You and your family

Feeling lost, unhappy, and unsure what the next step is? What if you could know in advance the opportunities, challenges, trends and influences in store for the year or a specific date? The 2018 Numerology Guidebook explains what these are and how to use them to your advantage.


It offers a way to tap into numerology using your personal nine-year cycle. It identifies where you are now and where you’re going for the year, so you can successfully plan your journey. Each number vibrates at its own frequency and resonates with specific tasks, activities and events. These change with the days, months and years of the calendar.</p…

Crime Interrupted: A Buck Taylor Novel, by Chuck Morgan
When news of Mexican gang activity reaches local authorities in Durango, Colorado, the bucolic peace of the small town is shattered. Realizing the severity of the threat, the sheriff’s office reaches out for assistance.

With years of hard-earned experience, Senior Agent Buck Taylor from the Colorado Bureau of Investigation is unquestionably the man for the job. As talented a sleuth as there ever was, Buck is known for his dogged determination. Buck’s last case—a gruesome triple homicide in Teller County—has served as a productive distraction from the grief etched into his heart by the recent death of his wife of thirty-five years.

Now, as he turns his attention to the trouble in Durango, Buck f…

The Serpent’s Fang (The Treasure Huntress Book 1), by Ryan Mullaney
The life of the Treasure Huntress is about to change forever…

Athlete-turned-adventurer Simone Cassidy has made quite a name for herself in the area of treasure hunting in a few short years, but it’s the quiet life she enjoys the most, the freedom of floating along from one adventure to the next.
She didn’t expect the next opportunity to come in the form of the United States government showing up with information about her parents, who died on a military base when she was still an infant. The proposition: help locate the lost Aztec city of Aztlan and bring back the artifact known as The Serpent’s Fang – a fabled ceremonial dagger used in ritual human sacrifice.

Heart of a Huntsman (A Huntsman’s Fate Book 1), by Liam Reese
Orphaned by an assassin’s blade, Besmir spends his youth on the fringes of society. He grows into a hunstman of some note, suitable to put food on the Duke’s table, if unfit to join the meal. His simple, meager life is thrown into chaos when he finds himself approached by Zaynorth, an illusion mage who has come in search of Besmir, bearing a remarkable truth: the huntsman is far more than he knows himself to be.

Along with his apprentice, Keluse, Besmir follows Zaynorth to a new and distant land where he will vie for a throne stolen by the very man responsible for his parents death.

In Heart of a Huntsman, an orphan of noble birth must rally the people of a foreign land to his cause and lead them against a t…

Paper Stars: An Ordinary Magic Story, by Devon Monk
One magical holiday. Some assembly required…

Police Chief Delaney Reed loves the holidays in Ordinary, Oregon, the beach town where gods vacation and monsters reside. But this year, she has a lot on her plate. It isn’t just the creature who follows her home, or the terrible storm barreling toward town. It isn’t that Mrs. Yates’s penguin has been stolen. Again.

It’s that her boyfriend, Ryder Bailey, has been gone for two months and is growing more distant. She’s beginning to think she knows why.

But when a demon, a dragon, and a god bearing unusual gifts get thrown on top of her to-do list, Delaney decides to roll up her sleeves and make this holiday unforgettable. One disaster at a time….


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