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The Wedding Affair (Rebel Hearts Book 1), by Heather Boyd. (Still 0.99?)

“I really enjoyed reading this book. The story line was interesting and the characters all engaging. The underlying family unity and support makes the premise believable. I like this family and am looking forward to the next in the series.” — Amazon Reviewer

Coming face-to-face with the scoundrel who broke her heart on the eve of her wedding to another man could not be more awkward or ill-timed for Lady Sally Ford. When she accepted London’s most eligible earl, she hoped her heart had healed enough to learn to love him after they tied the knot. Her betrothed has no idea she was once engaged to an ambitious sea captain who betrayed her, and Sally has never forgotten or forgiven Captain Hastings for leaving her behind as he made his fortune at sea.

When Felix answered the urgent summons from his superior, he never expected to face his angry first and only love about to marry an earl or to discover he has the support of her family to get in her way. With no expectation of winning her back, Felix finally has a chance to clear the air about the past. But with every argument and stolen moment, their former passion reignites as if it had never waned. Is there a chance to begin again and forgive each other when they must part any day?

Rebel Hearts Series:
Book 1: The Wedding Affair (Felix and Sally)
Book 2: An Affair of Honor (William and Matilda)
Book 3: The Christmas Affair (Harper and Amy)
Book 4: An Affair so Right (Quinn and Theodora)

256 pages, with a 3.9-star rating from 15 reviews.


Earthly Remains: A Commissario Guido Brunetti Mystery, by Donna Leon. (Still 1.99?)

“A fine novel–less classic crime story and more an elegy for a man and a place. The latter theme is common in Donna Leon’s previous Commissario Brunetti books as she uses them to bring to the fore the environmental and political plagues that her adopted city, Venice, continues to endure.” — Amazon Reviewer

Donna Leon’s bestselling mystery novels set in Venice have won a multitude of fans for their insider’s portrayal of La Serenissima. From family meals to coffee bars, and from vaporetti rides to the homes and apartments of Venetians, the details and rhythms of everyday life are an integral part of this beloved series. But so are the suffocating corruption, the never-ending influx of tourists, and crimes big and small. Through it all, Leon’s Commissario Guido Brunetti has been an enduring figure. A good man who loves his family and his city, Brunetti is relentless in his pursuit of truth and some measure of justice.

In Earthly Remains, the twenty-sixth novel in this series, Brunetti’s endurance is tested more than ever before. During an interrogation of an entitled, arrogant man suspected of giving drugs to a young girl who then died, Brunetti acts rashly, doing something he will quickly come to regret. In the fallout, he realizes that he needs a break, needs to get away from the stifling problems of his work.

When Brunetti is granted leave from the Questura, his wife, Paola, suggests he stay at the villa of a relative on Sant’Erasmo, one of the largest islands in the laguna. There he intends to pass his days rowing, and his nights reading Pliny’s Natural History. The recuperative stay goes according to plan until Davide Casati, the caretaker of the house on Sant’Erasmo, goes missing following a sudden storm. Now, Brunetti feels compelled to investigate, to set aside his leave of absence and understand what happened to the man who had become his friend.

Earthly Remains is quintessential Donna Leon, a powerful addition to this celebrated series.

304 pages, with a 4.3-star rating from 435 reviews.


It’s You, Book One, by Katy Regnery. (Still 0.99?)

“I loved that the first part is told in Darcy’s POV and the second in Jack’s. This way, we get the entire story of how they met and why they had to be separated. There is amazing chemistry between the two and I felt every ounce of their passion for each other. You can’t help but get so caught up in their spell. I honestly could not look away.” — Amazon Reviewer

From New York Times bestselling author Katy Regnery comes her first duo of paranormal romances!

the most beautiful boy in the world kissed me.
I’ve never been able to forget.
Perhaps it was his jet-black hair,
or the changing copper-color of his eyes,
the intense way he looked at me…
or the fact that he awakened my passion for the first time,
at once otherworldly yet heartbreakingly real.
But after that kiss, I never saw him again.

His name was Jack Beauloup.
Jack, my “Beautiful Wolf.”

Twenty years passed. He has returned. For me.

“I have read several of Katy’s Contemporary Romances in the past but this is her first venture into the world of paranormal. I have to admit I was a little skeptical at first. But I’m here to tell you that if you ever decide to read one single paranormal romance, you absolutely have to make sure it’s this one. This book is amazing!” – Carol, Goodreads Addict

“I was consumed and addicted to this story, the characters, the writing… EVERYTHING!” – 4TLoReading Blog

“Wow Wow Wow. I am soooo not a paranormal reader. I honestly never thought I would like it, but I must tell you Katy Regnery has totally converted me with It’s You. You DO NOT need to be a PNR reader to love this book. If you are a fan all encompassing love and soulmates this one is for you. I became addicted as soon as I started reading. I hung on every word.” – The Divas Book Lounge

“Katy’s writing is like a drug to me. Combined with a unique storyline – you will be addicted to this drug too my friend.” – AC Book Blog

“Katy Regnery KILLED this story”. It is unpredictable. It is angsty. It is SO DAMNED romantic, it is steeped in well researched lore and it BLEW my MIND.” – Words We Love By

“It is unique, intriguing, romantic, and completely enthralling. She made me believe that the impossible is possible.” – Reviews by Tammy & Kim

“This is actually the most swoon-worthy PNR book I’ve ever read!” – Sejla, Goodreads Reviewer

“The story captivated me, captured me and consumed to me…I was in a trance. Every single page was filled with passion and sensuality that was just perfection.” – The Romantic Angel Blog

“”It’s You” isn’t quite as dramatic as “Romeo and Juliet” but … it’s close. “It’s You” is wonderfully fleshed out, action packed, and chock full of Romance.” – Lightning City Book Reviews

“It’s You (Book 1) has all the passion and heartache of Twilight on steroids.” – Nancy Reads

“I was completely sucked in.” – Bookgasms Book Blog

“I have said multiple times that I don’t read PNR, but after reading this one, I can’t wait to explore more!! I have been seeing everyone saying it was a magical book, and after reading it, I can 100% agree with this summation. It was enchanting. There is no getting around it.” – The Book Bee

“Not only is the book paranormal, but it also has an all encompassing romance that lasts always and forever. Pure love/soulmates.” – Ever and Ever Sight Book Blog

“This is without a doubt, NOT your momma’s paranormal/shifter story. It was emotional and heartfelt. I could feel every bit of their emotions” – Abibiliophobia Anonymous Book Reviews

“OMG! I haven’t read a paranormal romance in a good long while and I can’t say that I’ve read one that was better than this!” – Two Girls With Books

“Move over Jacob Black, there’s a new shifter in town and his name is Jack Beauloup.” – Tanya, I heart books

“I love the world that Ms. Regnery has created. It’s lush, vibrant and has so much depth that it feels real. The backstories and histories are well crafted as are the supporting cast of characters. The secondary storylines are well woven into the main story arc and I can’t wait to see how they all play out.” – Book-N-Wine

“A definite One-Click Buy!” – Behind Closed Doors Book Review

“Holy shit. This was outstanding.” – BF Bookies

246 pages, with a 4.7-star rating from 145 reviews.


Hotbloods, by Bella Forrest. (Still 0.99?)

“This book has an awesome twist. This book will keep you on the edge of your seat. I really thought it was neat that Vampires had bat wings and could absorb heat. The young love story line is entertaining and leaves you wanting to know more. Love the first book and I’m impatiently waiting so I can continue the series.” — Amazon Reviewer


Vampires have never been so hot… Million-bestselling author Bella Forrest returns with an all-new paranormal romance!

One last adventure. 
That’s all Riley wants before heading off to college and parting ways with her two best friends. Spending their last summer together on a Texas farm in the middle of nowhere isn’t quite as exciting as they’d planned…

That is, until they stumble upon secrets no human should know.
Men who appear and disappear.
A giant wing hidden in the creek.
Screams in the dead of night.
Every oddity seems connected to their strange–and alarmingly attractive–new neighbors, led by the stormy-eyed Navan. For reasons she can’t explain, Riley feels drawn to him and the story of his past.
But Navan has a monstrous side, one that grants him incredible powers that are not of this world…and ashen skin that feels like fire to the touch.
When events take a dangerous twist, Riley is determined to protect her friends at all costs, but as she unravels each thread of the mystery, she finds herself entangled in a supernatural conquest that is far bigger than Texas… and even Earth itself.

A mystery. 
A romance. 
And a journey that could change the fate of the human race. 

Prepare for a unique spin on the lore you love – and an adventure that is as thrilling as it is unexpected. 

Scroll up and buy now to begin…
*Over 1100 worldwide 5-star reviews of the series*
*Beware of spoilers in the reviews below that are without spoiler alerts*


352 pages, with a 4.4-star rating from 430 reviews.


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