Book Discovery Day! (Tues June 26)

It’s Book Discovery Day! Twice a week we bring you a selection of books that are newly-published, or that have been overlooked.

Every great book was once a hidden gem. Browse through the books below and start your own discovery!


Book Discovery – newly-published and overlooked books!


Absolutely Alpha (Tempting Alphas Book 1), by Belle Scarlett
Four magical romances from Belle Scarlett’s magic quill.

Alien Seductions: How the Alien Stole Christmas
On board a deep space station Capt. Christmas Trent learns her sexy cyber lover, who may not be human, wants to steal her for his own.

“Our heroine is a willing submissive engaged in cybersex with an alien. Beautiful imagery, fascinating premise. I’ve always wondered why there isn’t more good science fiction romance. This story is good.” ~ Lizabeth S. Tucker, Geneflections


Timeless Lovers: Valentime
Valerie buys a South Carolina plantation and discovers a Valentine addressed to her from a previous owner who bids…

From the Ashes: An Action-Packed Dystopian Adventure, by J. Blaise Yavorski
250 years have passed since Geno Gortev took over the world with a brutal assault. Now, the dystopian world of Ganepa is held captive under the Gortev regime, controlled by their Celestial armies. A small Resistance has formed to fight the enormous armies, all to no avail.

In the middle of it all, Vincent Parsons survives day-by-day as a blacksmith in an arms factory. He’s haunted by the slaughter of his parents and is convinced the world is doomed to tyranny forever. It isn’t until a fateful encounter with a Resistance fighter where he’s given a chance to rebel and travel across the vast continent of Pyropus to fight against the Celestial forces.

However, Vincent soon learns that there is a cycle of skirmishes, espio…

File No. 113, by Émile Gaboriau
The banking-house of Andre Fauvel has been robbed of 350,000 francs. Only two men had the key and the secret word that would open the safe where it was kept. One is the owner himself and the other is his trusted head cashier Prosper Bertomy. Both protest their innocence and the police choose to believe the respectable Monsieur Fauvel, so the suspicion is on Bertomy. Fortunately for him, the great detective Monsieur Lecoq believes him to be innocent and is ready to go to great lengths to prove his theory….
The Late Tenant: A Supernatural Mystery Novel, by Louis Tracy
An author from Wyoming rents a flat in London which has a reputation of being haunted by the ghost of its former dead tenant!
“So, like many another youngster in the far lands, he heard the voice of London calling through every book and newspaper he read. It was a siren voice, devoid of accent. The Wyoming wooing, too, became a serious matter; hence, like one of the dove-eyed oxen he knew so well, he stampeded in sudden panic, realized his personal possessions, and, in the vernacular of Sioux Pass, “lit out for the nearest depot, an’ boarded an east-bound train.”…
The Titan, by Theodore Dreiser
Sometime after being released from prison, Frank Cowperwood invests in stocks subsequent to the Panic of 1873, and becomes a millionaire. He decides to move out of Philadelphia and start a new life in the West. He moves to Chicago with his mistress Aileen and his attorney is finally able to persuade his first wife to agree to a divorce. Frank decides to take over the street-railway system. He bankrupts several opponents with the help of political allies. Meanwhile, Chicago society finds out about his past in Philadelphia and they turn on him, and after being unfaithful many times, Aileen eventually loses faith in him….
The Magic Flower, by Ram Suresh
When a fairy-tale-like memory becomes reality on a Bronx bound train, the main character, filled with unconditional love, must decide what to do before the magic of the story disappears. A beautiful contemporary short story of life and our daily struggles as humans. Told from a brand new perspective, it is one of kind and worth a browse.

A modern and unique story of unconditional love, magic, and reality.

Accidental Wizard (The Accidental Wizard Book 0), by Stefan Lear
Evil is a constant, not a concept, and Evil won’t stop until Paul Logan is destroyed.

When his girlfriend is violently murdered by a hound of hell, Paul Logan discovers he can wield magic. Since then, not everything is what it seems. In fact, nothing is as it seems.

With the help of a mentor, he struggles to learn about his new powers. But when the man who murdered his mother reappears, will he be able to control what happens next.

ln a battle filled with blazing guns and formidable magic, Paul attempts to destroy the Evil that wants him dead. His life hinges on his success or failure.

If you like M.D. Massey, Jim Butcher, K.F. …

Dhampir, by J.H. Hutchins
She was thunder — a sonic shock wave that could be heard throughout all realms.

He was lightning — a discharge of pain too impossible to ignore.

Together, Mallory Vice and Jayce Fletcher became a Gothic storm. Apart, their past consumed their souls.

Jayce felt weak and alone. Filled with rage. Victim of a horrible tragedy. This beacon of darkness wouldn’t sleep until he cast out his pain…

And became a wizard.

Mallory was a runaway. She left behind a father who didn’t care. A mother who was never there. A ruthless boyfriend who always dared to win her heart, no matter who he spared.

Revisit Valentine’s Day in a Gothic way with Dhamp…


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