Book Discovery Day! (Tuesday, May 22)

It’s Book Discovery Day! Twice a week we bring you a selection of books that are newly-published, or that have been overlooked.

Every great book was once a hidden gem. Browse through the books below and start your own discovery!


Book Discovery – newly-published and overlooked books!


Legacy of Dolyn: Volume 1, by Amelia Guillem
The Unparalleled Sorcery of a Sorceress Begins!
A coming-of-age novel about a girl whose birth reawakens the God of Darkness.

22-year-old Glen didn’t ask to have powers. So when Gwen, a bossy feline, shows up with a training regime, Glen shows no interest whatsoever. After all, Glen doesn’t believe she has the potential to be a sorceress. She prefers her life the way it is—simple—and without the mess of magic spells or wordy chants. The last thing she wants to do is fight the God of Darkness.

Unfortunately for Glen, she cannot refuse the offer. Why? Because she needs to become a dominant sorceress as soon as possible. The fate of the world will be severe if she refuses her des…

THE MISSING MISS MORI: funny and frightening mystery thriller (Hansen Files Book 2), by Mike Dixon
Every year, millions of young women travel overseas and some never return. They join the lists of missing persons on police data bases. Their relatives search for them but few are ever found.
When Yuki Mori’s sister went missing in Australia, Yuki went to look for her. She feared the naïve young woman had been seduced by a mysterious cult that was luring young women to a remote part of the big country for sex.
With the help of a young private detective, Yuki traced her sister’s movements to a religious retreat and entered it as a pilgrim. Her fears were soon justified. Religion was being used as a cover for all manner of illegal activities. Anything was possible if blessed by a priest or priestess of th…
Stories Of Legends Who Shaped Our Lives-Legends Over Generations, by Ashraf Haggag
“People contributed to various life aspects science,politics ,literature, art ,social activities and so many other fields. These genius minds put a keen interest in every phenomenon right from when they were young.
The zeal , passion, dedication, hardwork and efforts they put in their work helped them discover something new about the world we live in .
Their names are engraved in the sands of time for their work in the welfare of the mankind with different inventions that have made our lives easy, enjoyable and successful.”…
Superhuman, by Evan Currie
From the halls of Montezuma….

Former Marine Captain Alexander Hale only wanted a weekend out with some old buddies. He could have done without the gang war, the shootout, and… oh yeah, the alien abduction.

Now he’s in the middle of something he doesn’t understand, never asked for, and is having quite possibly the greatest time of his life. Semper Fi and which way are the shores of Tripoli anyway?…

The Princess in the Tower (Schooled in Magic Book 15), by Christopher Nuttall
Everyone knows that the Tower of Alexis is impregnable…

…But Emily intends to prove them wrong.

The Kingdom of Zangaria has finally started its descent into civil war. King Randor has declared martial law, imprisoned the pregnant Crown Princess Alassa in the Tower of Alexis and started preparations for a first strike against his enemies. The time has come for everyone to choose a side.

Emily has arrived in Alexis with the intention of freeing Alassa before her father can have her executed. But as Emily and her friends are drawn into a maelstrom of rebellious factions and crown loyalists, of commoners trying to escape the chaos and noblemen trying to make it worse, they find themselves faced with an insol…

Lies That Bind Us, by Andrew Hart
From a prize-winning and New York Times bestselling author comes a chilling novel of deception under the sun…

Jan needs this. She’s flying to Crete to reunite with friends she met there five years ago and relive an idyllic vacation. Basking in the warmth of the sun, the azure sea, and the aura of antiquity, she can once again pretend—for a little while—that she belongs. Her ex-boyfriend Marcus will be among them, but even he doesn’t know the secrets she keeps hidden behind a veil of lies. None of them really know her, and that’s only part of the problem.

Then again, how well does she know them?

When Jan awakens in utter darkness, chained to a wall, a manacle around her wrist, her echoing…

Taker of Lives: A Gripping Crime Thriller, by Leslie Wolfe
How can you outrun a killer you won’t see coming?

They are the most violent, blood-thirsty, and vicious of criminals. While hunting for them, FBI profilers call these monsters UNSUBS, short for unknown subjects of ongoing investigations. At any given time, in the United States there are more than fifty serial killers at large, preying on vulnerable, unsuspecting victims.

Until yesterday, no one knew Florida had another serial killer on the loose. Special Agent Tess Winnett calls this particularly elusive one the Taker of Lives.

The crimes: bewildering

After a well-known model commits suicide, Tess refus…

The Hideaway, by Lauren K. Denton

Now a USA Today and Amazon Charts Bestseller!

“A story both powerful and enchanting: a don’t-miss novel in the greatest southern traditions of storytelling.” —Patti Callahan Henry, New York Times bestselling author

When her grandmother’s will wrenches Sara back home, she learns more about Margaret Van Buren in the wake of her death than she ever knew in life.

After her last remaining family member dies, Sara Jenkins goes home to The Hideaway, her grandmother Mags’s ramshackle B&B in Sweet Bay, Alabama. She intends to quickly tie up loose ends then return to her busy life and thriving a…


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