Book Discovery Day! (Wednesday June 6)

It’s Book Discovery Day! Twice a week we bring you a selection of books that are newly-published, or that have been overlooked.

Every great book was once a hidden gem. Browse through the books below and start your own discovery!


Book Discovery – newly-published and overlooked books!


Awakening (The Luriel Cycle Book 1), by Melanie Nilles
Lilly has been marked for death by daemons from a hidden world, a place known as the Shadow Realm. Within her has awakened the spirit of their enemy, one of the luriel. Such beings are myths to her, but one man is out to prove that they exist. The daemon slayer, Mychel, will introduce her to a world of shadows and light hiding beyond the comfort of science and technology, where ancient myths are real and an eternal war rages on, a war in which she has now been conscripted to fight.

One daemon is doing his best to destroy her before that happens. In human form, Darrac is able to get close to her and soon realizes that she is different—through Lilly, an ancient power has revived, a terrible power than can end the war…by elimina…

Once Accused, Forever Tarnished, by G. F. Hunn

Small town murder. Local cop in love with prime suspect. What could go wrong?

Ali Thorein is successful in the corporate world but has no personal life. Step one in her quest for balance is to return to Rausburg, Wisconsin and make amends with her past. But the man responsible for her bad memories has just been murdered.

Tommy Peterson, Rausburg’s village cop and Ali’s former classmate, finds a note at the crime scene in Ali’s handwriting. A day later, with little progress in solving the murder, Agent Malloy from the Dept. of Criminal Investigation takes jurisdiction. Convinced she’s the killer, his investigation unites Tommy and Ali as they struggle to prove her innocence.

Will they convince the vete…

The Latakia Intercept: A Ross Brannan Thriller (The Secret Cold War Book 1), by R G Ainslee
From RG Ainslee, a debut thriller featuring Army Security Agency ELINT Analyst Ross Brannan, who becomes entangled in a web of deceit in the days before the Yom Kippur War.


September 1973: Electronic Intelligence Analyst Sergeant Ross Brannan thought he had it made, only three months to go on his enlistment. Fed up with the Army, the prospect of a civilian job in Arizona is the answer to his dreams. A puzzling assignment to an airbase in Turkey unravels his plans.


“…tensions building. Three months left, and they stick me right in middle of a tinderbox.”


The mystery heightens when it appears an old CIA acquaintance is directing the operation….

Blood On The Bridge, by Zack Klika
A female soldier is found viciously murdered on a Tennessee bridge.

A drug dealer hears a killer’s confession.

U.S. Army journalist Emily Riley has a few months left on her military contract with little to show for it. Until now. With the assistance of a local detective and the drug dealer who was in the wrong place at the wrong time, Riley uncovers a secret the military wants to keep quiet at all costs.

Tenacious and fearless, Riley will use any means necessary to find out who killed the soldier. Even if it means she’s the killer’s next target….

Wendy’s Song (The Regrettable and Forbidden Book 1), by Robyn Branick
Can one decision determine the rest of your life? It is the 1990s, and these privileged, fortunate youth have no consequences, until that fateful night. The teens choose to drive home from a party. Their lives change forever. Life-altering choices continue to deprave Wendy as she spirals into a vulnerable and exposed shell of a woman. The first book in The Regrettable and Forbidden series, “Wendy’s Song” dives into topics of drugs, rape, and pregnancy….
You Saw Too Much (Lori Turner Book 1), by Adam Nicholls
Her life was taken from her. Now, she wants it back.

Lori had it all until that day: the perfect marriage, a job she loved, and a beautiful home in a small town. But when a tragic car wreck takes her husband’s life and leaves her hospitalized, she has to learn to live alone again. Her friends look out for her, or so they say, but they don’t believe her when she says she’s being followed.

Her counselor says she’s suffering PTSD, and her sister says she’s paranoid. But Lori knows herself better than anyone else does, and she’s certain someone is watching her. What she doesn’t know is why, but she’ll do anything to find out – even if it costs her life.

Tormented by nightmares, mood swings, and self-d…

Hold My Hand: The addictive new crime thriller that you won’t be able to put down in 2018, by M.J. Ford
‘Superb, gritty and realistic’ MEL SHERRATT, million copy bestseller

How long do you hunt for the missing?

A horrible vanishing act…

When a young Josie Masters sees a boy wearing a red football shirt, Dylan Jones, being taken by a clown at a carnival, she tries to alert the crowds. But it’s too late. Dylan has disappeared…

Thirty years later, Josie is working as a police officer in Bath. The remains of the body of a child have been found – complete with tatters of a torn red football shirt. Is it the boy she saw vanish in the clutches of the clown? Or is it someone else altogether?

And then another child disappears…

The Templar’s Revenge (A James Acton Thriller, #19) (James Acton Thrillers), by J. Robert Kennedy


The True Cross, revered by Christianity as that upon which Jesus Christ was crucified, was lost to the Muslims led by Saladin during the Battle of Hattin on July 4th, 1187 AD.

This is history as it was written.

But it is wrong.

Join Archaeology Professor James Acton and his wife Laura Palmer, as they are thrust into the middle of a bitter conflict between what remains of the Knights Templar, torn apart over an oath sworn 800 years ago, an oath that may destroy them once and for all, taking Acton and Laura with them.


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