“Caught: A Historical Romance,” by Christina J Michaels

Do you like books about politics, scandal, betrayal and love? Look no further for your next favorite read, “Caught: A Historical Romance,” by Christina J Michaels.

Caught: A Historical Romance, by Christina J Michaels
314 pages, with a 4.3-star rating from 50 reviews

“Set against the historical setting of Georgian England and the society that swirled around the Willis’s Rooms of Almack’s, this tale kept me enraptured; I read it in a day. The protagonists are flawed but likable, their strengths also being their weaknesses; the villain realistic enough to be more than a silhouette. I found the pacing perfect. I shall recommend this books to my friends, and keep an eager eye out for more romance or historical fiction by Ms. Michaels.” — Amazon Reviewer

I would recommend to readers of historical romance fiction. I plan to look for more by this author. – Top Contributor: Historical Fiction Books

With proper manners and impeccable breeding, the beautiful Miss Alison Brooke should be the envy of London’s 18th-century royal society. When villainy occurs, an unexpected hero comes to her aid. But rumors result, and Miss Brooke finds herself in the center of tawdry gossip.

Her rescuer, Robert Anderson, Viscount Charmaine, is preoccupied with troubled finances, an ill father, and defense of the Crown. Problematically, Charmaine’s best friend, Marquis Anthony Farrington, is clandestinely helping fund the American Revolution.

Miss Brooke’s large dowry tempts both men. Her father, however, wants his daughter to marry for love, not money. Without her father’s permission for marriage, is Miss Broke ready to relinquish her privileged life for love?

In this realistic tale of historical fiction brimming with wealth and uncertain allegiances, society’s obligations draw them together, along with Miss Brooke’s constant companion, the timid Miss Brenda Boswell. When Charmaine discovers proof of Farrington’s betrayal, he is forced to choose between friendship and patriotism.

Shots are fired, tears fall, and love conquers all in this remarkable historical romance.

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Meet the Author

Christina J Michaels is an award-winning professor of Political Science. Her research in political structures and revolutions provide abundant fuel for her constant daydreaming. Previously, her imagination led thousands through large-scale live-action roleplaying campaigns. She has pretended to be a mermaid on five continents and four seas. Now, she weaves her tales through captivating historical fiction and romance books.

Like her inspirations Kathleen Woodiwiss and Catherine Coulter, Chris brings the period she writes about alive. She writes flawed, broken, and believable characters who are fun to root for. Her characters face trials and tribulations, but Chris’ books provide dynamite happy endings.
Chris welcomes fans to like her page on facebook. She does not skydive.

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