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Soul Source: Back and There Again, by Charles Vella. (Still 0.99?)

“Great read which makes you think about the implications of Time Travel on what we perceive as reality. The possibilities the author has created makes one hope that Time Travel never becomes a reality. Or has it already….. This reads like a good mystery novel so don’t miss any little detail. I read it twice and it was better the second time through.
— Amazon Reviewer

The time to act is long past. Thank God it’s not too late.

When Agnes is ordered to send a team back in time she knows she has to stop the mission at any cost or expose the secret she’s spent a lifetime hiding. But Homeland Security’s watching and Agnes has to find a way out like a pilot flying a damaged airliner full of people in a bad storm.

But what if she doesn’t stop the mission? What if they go back and undo her mistake? Would she shed a lifetime of crushing guilt?

As the body count rises Agnes finds herself in a poker game pushing more chips out onto the table with every lost hand. And these chips aren’t just human lives, because the models say that this mission could trigger End Game. And you know what that means.

Soul Source. The past is now.

425 pages, with a 4.7-star rating from 9 reviews.


Exodus (The Omega Protocol Chronicles Book 1), by Courtney McPhail. (Still 0.99?)

“I enjoyed reading this book and will look forward to reading the next book in the series. It has all the elements of this type of story with some very good characters. Well defined and original content, kept me wanting more when I finished the story.
— Amazon Reviewer

In 2017, the course of human history was forever altered. A cataclysmic event, which would come to be known simply as The Infection, swept across the globe. The world population was decimated and civilization as it was known came to an end.

All Malcolm Evans wants is to find his sister and her kids and get them some place safe. As an ex-CIA agent, he finds himself in the role of leader of a ragtag group of survivors heading to a promised sanctuary in the Great Lakes.

Veronica Alpert spent her childhood preparing for the end of the world, thanks to her paranoid survivalist father. Little did she know that decades later, her father’s eccentricities would prepare her and her siblings to survive in this new world…especially when tragic circumstances tear the family apart.

Jackson Webber had always been seen as no good white trash. Good people crossed the road when they saw him coming. So, how he ended up saddled with the care of two orphaned girls, he had no damn clue. Last things these little girls need is a screw-up like him looking out for them. Course, at the end of the world, it ain’t like they got many other choices.

364 pages, with a 4.2-star rating from 72 reviews.


Hold Back the Wind: A Novel of Romantic Suspense, by J. K. Winn. (Still 0.99?)

“I love J.K. Winn’s previous books. But I think this is her best effort yet. I became a part of the story she told about the 2 lovebirds. And I couldn’t put the book down. I loved the twist and turns of the plot. She held my interest the entire book. I suggest this book to anyone with an interest in romance and a mystery to boot” — Amazon Reviewer


  • What’s a doctor to do when the only way to save her patient is to take life-threatening paragliding lessons from an embittered ex-doc? And will the risk to life and limb be worth the effort?
     Pediatrician Vickie Marsh is determined to do everything in her power to save five-year-old Orlando Asala’s life before he is released from the hospital and sent back to the migrant camp where his parents are living in squalor. With kidney cancer, his fate will be sealed before he’s wheeled out the hospital door. Orlando’s only hope is an experimental treatment developed by Doctor Zachary Scott.
     One problem, Zack no longer works at the hospital, having quit his practice under bitter circumstances, and now teaches paragliding lessons. The only way Vickie can reach him is to sign up for a series of classes. While Vickie can certainly use a hobby to enliven her work-filled life, she has been warned that Zack has an axe to grind with the hospital and might not be willing to cooperate with her. Since Zack is her only hope, she forges ahead with a plan to convince the reluctant doctor to share his formula with her.
     In the meantime, there have been an increasing number of unexplained deaths on the pediatric unit. Is this only a temporary fluke, or is something malicious afoot at the hospital?
      Under pressure to spare one child’s life, and perhaps save others, Vickie soldiers on in the face of growing resistance from the hospital administration…and from Zack. Can Vickie convince Zack to work with her? Will she be able to save Orlando’s life?  And, in the process, will she discover the cause of the mysterious hospital deaths?
     To find out, read this spellbinding story of intrigue, romance and Big Wind.


203 pages, with a 4.6-star rating from 6 reviews.



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Smite Me, Oh Dark One, by Steve Thomas. (Still free?)

“Cute story, something short and light. I caught myself smiling many times and wish it were a bit longer.” — Amazon Reviewer

Acerbus hates his job. While he is content to watch and study the mortal races, the other gods constantly look for reasons to destroy their newly-created world. When they finally find an excuse, they command Acerbus to become the Smiter, destroyer of all creation.

Armed with nothing but spite and goblins, Acerbus decides that there is only one way to ensure his own failure and save the world: by becoming an Evil Overlord.

“Smite Me, Oh Dark One” is a comedic fantasy short story.

Cover by John Comegno

26 pages, with a 4-star rating from 23 reviews.


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